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Thermal Brewers



Thermal Brewers

74oz or 80oz

Carrying Handle


Next generation thermal brewer designed to eliminate burnt coffee and minimize waste, these brewers employ portable thermal servers which keep the coffee hot for hours. Great for meetings!

These 'state-of-the-art' machines are ideally suited for the mid to large size office. The coffee is brewed into thermal servers, which can contain either 72 or 84 ounces of liquid. These thermal servers feature a 'site-gauge' that allows you to determine the amount of brewed coffee remaining at a glance. The servers are also equipped with a carry handle for easy transportation to meeting rooms. The thermal servers are self-contained units that do not require a warming plate to keep the coffee hot (the major cause of coffee breakdown and bitterness). This means that your coffee remains fresh and hot for 6 to 8 hours, thereby eliminating waste! A hot water tap is also available (plumbed version only) that will provide your employees with hot water to make tea, hot chocolate and soup.
Options - full size or low-profile designs
Plumbed or pour-over


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