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Water Coolers



Water Coolers

Bottled And Filtered

Quantum or Crystal


Enjoy the conversations around our bottled water cooler! Our 18.9 litre bottles contain Spring, Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water.

Try our filtered watercooler! No more bottle storage or lifting heavy bottles. Never running out of water will save your company money. Filtered coolers can be plumbed directly into your to your coffee brewer, providing better tasting water for your coffee.

Bottle-less Water Cooler
The Quantum 1000 Drinking Water System is installed inside the water cooler, providing safe, great-tasting water without the inconvenience of a bottle.
The Quantum 1000 is an absolute 1/2 micron filter, removing up to 99.9% of all particles like dirt, rust, asbestos fibres, harmful cysts such a Giardia (Beaver Fever) and Cryptosporidium, as well as lead, chlorine and other offensive tastes and odours like algae.
The Benefits Are:
* No bottles to store
* No bottles to lift
* Never run out of water
* Guaranteed quality water
* Save money
Quantum Whole Office System
The Quantum Whole Office Water Filtration System provides better tasting, clean water from every tap in the office.
* Improves drinking water
* Reduces skin irritation & allergies
* Increases appliance life
The Whole Office System removes:
* Dirt, rust and all particles down to 5-10 microns
* Chlorine and other bad tastes & odours
The Whole Office System is installed on the cold incoming water line after the water meter and before the hot water tank.

Bottled Water
Do you dislike the taste or odour of your water? Do you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle by drinking pure water? But you don't want to spend a lot of money on water treatment equipment?
Then bottled water from Personal Service Coffee is just what you need!
The most popular sizes of bottles that we sell are 18.9L and 500mL bottles. These bottles can be used with water coolers, porcelain dispensers and hand pumps.
We offer 3 different types of bottled water:
Reverse Osmosis Water is a simple and effective way to rid your water of undesirable substances. Artesian spring water enters sediment pre-filter that removes sediment and particles, and then flows into a chamber with a reverse osmosis membrane. The water is then forced under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane effectively removing dissolved solids and contaminants. Prior to the bottle being filled the R.O. water passes through ozonation, which kills all bacteria and viruses, producing a pure and healthy drinking water with a great taste.
Reverse Osmosis water is available in 18.9L bottles and 500mL bottles.
Distilled Water uses nature's own process for recycling water. Distillation reduces impurities through the process of evaporation and condensation. As the water is heated the vapour rises, leaving the moist impurities behind in the boiling chamber or discharged through the volatile gas vent. As the water vapour cools it changes to a liquid state. A final polishing takes place as the water passes through the carbon filter and ozonation.
Distilled water is available in 18.9L bottles.
Spring water is pumped from a natural supply located in the Hockley Valley area. Prior to the bottle being filled the spring water passes through ozonation which kills all bacteria and viruses.
Spring water is available in18.9L bottles.


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