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Cleaning Products

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So we provide great coffee?! What else can we offer? Plenty! Meeting our customer’s needs is our specialty! Several years ago we realized that we should offer our clients a complete kitchen solution. Why spend the time and money dealing with several different companies when one company can do it all? From napkins to cutlery, paper plates to paper towels, salt and pepper to dish soap, we carry it all! We carry a complete supply of janitorial cleaning products. We can provide your company with everything but the kitchen sink (kitchen sink models coming soon!).

Spic and Span Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner
Vim Cleaner with Bleach
Comet Disinfecting Powder Cleanser
Old English Furniture Polish
Pledge Furniture Polish

Sunlight Liquid Dish Soap
Joy Pot and Pan

Cascade Powder
Cascade Liquid
Jet Dry Rinse Agent

Good Sense Air Freshener Spray



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