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Whole Bean Programs



Whole Beans

5lb bags

Several Blends Available


For our more discerning customers we offer our whole bean program. We will provide your company with an industrial quality grinder and the finest beans. Because whole coffee beans retain their moisture, fresh ground is the best tasting coffee available.

Royal Beans

Our signature blend, truely a combination of the very best beans from South and Central America and the African Continent. Roasted to perfection, this blend offers a richly aromatic coffee with an exceptional finish with overtones of fine wine and chocolate. Excellent as an early moring coffee or as a finish to a fine dinner.

Café Royal Beans

A truely distinctive blend of some of the worlds finest beans. The addition of Kenya AA beans makes this semi-dark roast a very rare find. Cafe Royale has a full bodied taste with medium acidity and a sharp crisp finish that goes great with deserts.

Europa Beans

This darker roast of select South and Central American Arabica coffees, exibits a rich full body with a heady aroma and zesty flavour with just a hint of acidity.

100% Colombian Decaffeinated Beans

100% Colombian European prep coffees that have been decaffeinated through an all-natural CO2 process. This process incorporates only carbon dioxide and water (to moisturize the coffee bean and thus making the caffeine accessible for removal). This method provides for a coffee that has a mildly fruity flavour, high in acidity with a medium body and a flowery aroma.

100% Colombian Beans

This famous coffee is grown in steep mountain areas. Heavy rains, common to this region, would wash away the fertile soil if it was not for the strong roots of the pure-strain Bourbon coffee trees. These beans are hand picked, selected and prepared according to European standards (no silver skin). They can be characterized as mildly fruity, highly acidic, medium bodied with a wine like aroma.

Costa Rica Beans SHB EP

Near perfect soil and weather help make this coffee a favorite amongst discriminating coffee connoisseurs. This coffee is mild, smooth, slightly tangy with a flowery, chocolate aroma.

Continental Beans

Made with 100% Colombian beans, this specialty roast is very dark where the oils are coming to the surface. A rich bittersweet full body with roasty overtones.

Espresso Beans

Our Espresso is a unique blend of coffees made from the very best Central/South American and Indonesian coffees. Designed to stimulate the senses with an explosion of flavours ranging from winey/fruity to nutty/chocolatey. Truely the essence of fine Espresso.




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