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Decanter Based Machines



Decanter Based Machines

2 & 3 Pot Versions

Glass Decanters


Decanter-based machines are responsible for much of the growth of the coffee industry. Highly reliable, they can be of either the pour-over or plumbed-in variety.

These entry-level machines are ideally suited for the smaller office. Brewing 60oz of coffee in 3.5 minutes, these machines will satisfy the busy office with fast brewed coffee and a quick machine recovery (i.e. the time it takes for the machine to reheat to brewing temperature). Equipped with a 'ready-to-brew' light, these machines will inform you when the water is at the optimum temperature to make a pot of coffee. A hot water tap is also available (plumbed version only) that will provide your employees with hot water to make tea, hot chocolate and soup. Containing the finest electrical components and top quality stainless steel, our brewers are designed to give efficient worry-free service year after year.


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